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Dale Kelloway

Spirit Artist

I have been an artist since 1972, teaching art privately and also at college campuses. Along with art, I have always been deeply interested in the paranormal. For the past five years the two have been blending together to create spirit portraits of guides and angels.

Before I start a guide’s portrait I can feel the excitement and I know that they are coming in. Quite often messages begin before I even sit down to paint and I record these as I work. Each client receives the taped recording with their spirit drawing.

It is all very wonderful and I feel that I have been blessed with a gift to help people. Some of the results can be pretty amazing. The angel guides have symbolism – referring to animal totems, gemstones, sacred geometry and more.

I truly believe that this comes from the universe.

Available for:

Demonstrations and speaking engagements

“Let The Spirit Guide You” workshops

Exhibits and fairs

Spirit Guide Portraits (in pastel) and Angel Portraits (in water colour) for clients – complete with taped reading

Practising Artist Since 1972

Working in many mediums particularly water colours and pastels

Art teacher for over 26 years both privately and at Mohawk College in Hamilton and in Brantford Ontario Canada

2001 Recipient of Faculty Award of appreciation from MCACES Mohawk College

Popular Spirit Artist for many years working with clients across North America and exhibiting at fairs and shows

Featured speaker and exhibitor at Beacon Festival in Paris, Ontario Canada and demonstration at Hope Memorial Spiritualist Church in Brantford, Ontario Canada

Exhibited widely in festivals and galleries; participated in many Juried shows-Dundas Valley Art Auction, Cactus Festival, St. Joseph's Hospital, Autumn Leaves Studio Tour, Pelham Art Festival, Apple Harvest Festival, Judge at Paris Fall Fair

Past member in Central Ontario Art Association and Brant Visual Arts Guild

Active Member of Heritage United Church for over 45 years

Member of Hope Memorial Spiritualist Church

Graduate of Mohawk College, Plastic and Fine Arts Program- Level IV Certificate

Attended 3 years of Development Class at Hope Memorial Spiritual Church
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