See Your Guide

    ~with Dale Kelloway~


Order Guides

All Angel Guides and Spirit Guides are in a 12 x 16 inch mat

Cost per guide is $125.00. Guide paintings can be mailed.


To lay your eyes on an Angel is something that we could only dream about until now.  It is like getting a new best friend. Angels surround us and are waiting to be asked to step forward to help us.


It has been my goal to bring through messages from a loved one from the Other Side.  I ask them for messages and details, this is called “Proof of Survival”.  I see, hear and sense the messages.  I believe they are alive and well on the Other Side and that they are still around us.  These symbols and pictures are for you to decipher.  I am hoping this brings peace and healing for those involved.


This image is of your guide on the Other Side, waiting to be acknowledged and recognized.  These souls are prepared when asked in meditation for help, to be guides and helpers through difficulties that lay in your path of life.  I do not know who is coming in when I start, I just trust them.