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Guides are varied and have come to serve us as helpers, teachers and healers, past life connections, family members and animals. We have multiple guides. Your guide may step forward because they have experience in a certain field. They are volunteers who are ready, willing and able to serve when you ask them for help. They will encourage, assist and help with our soul’s evolution. Our guides do not judge us.

The more open you are to your guides, the greater your life will be. When asking for help with a certain problem always ask for the highest and the best advice. You may not get your answer when you expect it. Give it time to work. We don’t know what the greater plan is. Trust what you feel and remember in the end the decision is always yours.

Everything cannot be your imagination or coincidence. The good news is some are coming in to help restore the planet to balance and peace and helping us connect to nature and Mother Earth.


Spirit is energy, as you are energy

Be aware with your sense of smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. Develop your sixth sense by quieting your mind. Be in the moment that is the power of now.

Pray. This raises your frequency. Be thankful for all of your blessings.

Forgive and don’t judge

Feeling good about yourself isn’t selfish

"Expect the unexpected"

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